Karkonosze Mountains

Why not travel to Klopotnica?
Trips up to 50 km

The Klopotnica village, with its unique view over the entire chain of Lower-Silesian mountaintops, is located in proximity to Izera and Karkonosze Mountains, as well as Swieradow Zdroj health resort. In our Grange, with almost every new day comes a breath-taking panorama view of the mountains and the Snow Cirques.

The picturesque surroundings of our Luxurious House are home to many sites worth paying a visit to: castles, landscape parks, waterfalls, palaces, adits, museums, gondola lift and many more. The region is attracting more and more tourists owing to numerous social and cultural events.

Do you want to face mountaintops or visit local tourist sites? Be our guests. Within 3 km from the Grange there is a bus stop and a train station from which you can reach any destination.

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Valley of Palaces
Castle of Silesian Legends in Pławna
Śnieżka Mountain
Szrenica Mountain
Jelenia Góra
Gondola lift in Świeradów
Czoch Castle
Vang stave church
Chojnik Castle
Church of Peace in Jawor
Szklarka Waterfall

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