Rules and regulations

Rules and Regulations
of the “Wrzosowka Grange”

1. Guests are obliged to abide by the rules of conduct of the agritourism farm and to use the premises in accordance with their intended purpose.

2. All formalities related to checking-in, rent and deposit payment shall be completed on the day of arrival. An identity document must be presented at check-in. Failure to pay deposit will result in termination of the contract through the fault of the guest.

3. Check-in time is 3:00 PM and check-out time is 11:00 AM. Alterations to check-in and check-out times are admissible only by prior arrangement with the host of the establishment.
PLEASE NOTE – if your stay is prolonged without prior arrangement, a full charge for one day applies.

4. The house has capacity for max 12 adults or 10 adults and 4 children (up to 12 years of age).

5. Exclusive rent of the house constitutes rent of 5 rooms with the right to use all of the common area.

6. Quiet hours on the premises of the establishment are from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM, excluding special events prearranged with the hosts.

7. Guests are given a set of keys which they are obliged to return on the day of departure. In the event that a key is lost, the guest is obliged to pay EUR 250 to cover the cost of changing the locks.

8. During their stay, guests are obliged to maintain tidiness of the occupied rooms. Excessive detriment to the condition of occupied rooms results in additional charges. The amount of charges depends on the character and extent of the damage inflicted.

9. Contamination of water in the SPA bath tub (Russian Banya) necessitating water exchange (excluding cleaning and repair) is subject to additional charge of EUR 100.

10. Guests are fully responsible for any kind of damage to or destruction of items, equipment and technical devices caused by their action or by action of individuals under their care and supervision (e.g. children). All damage should be reported to the host. Pursuant to the provisions of law, the host reserves the right to claim compensation of the full amount (including lost benefits) for the inflicted damage after the lapse of guests’ stay.

11. Damages preventing the host from accommodating future guests are subject to charge for the resulting losses and lost benefits in the amount of no less than EUR 2500.

12. The host is not responsible for the belongings of the guests. Doors should be locked on each occasion of leaving the room. Valuables should be deposited upon arrangement with the host.

13. Guests are not allowed to admit other persons into the agritourism farm to stay overnight without prior consent of the host.

14. Parents/guardians are fully responsible of children and minors during their stay.

15. For safety reasons, smoking on the premises of the establishment (especially in the house) is strictly prohibited. This rule does not apply to the designated smoking area.

16. Pets are allowed on the premises upon prior arrangement with the host and fee payment. Owners are obliged to clean up after their pet.

17. Guests residing in the “Wrzosowka Grange” are obliged to abide by the stipulations of Rules and Regulations, health and safety and fire regulations and to act on hosts’ instructions in extraordinary situations.

18. Failure to act on hosts’ instructions in relation to the stay in the establishment, safety measures and provisions of Rules and Regulations may result in the immediate termination of the rent contract through the fault of the guest.

19. The user of the tourist equipment, e.g. quad, shall bear responsibility for it. The host has the right to deny a Guest the right to drive a quad for safety reasons.

20. All movable objects on the premises of the Wrzosowka Grange, especially in the house and the Russian Banya are property of the establishment. Removing any items of room equipment, including towels, is strictly prohibited.

21. In case of cancellations and alterations to arrival/departure dates made 30 days prior to the arranged arrival the incurred charges are not subject to refund.

22. Additional charges (excluding room rent) must be arranged with the host.

23. By renting the house the Guest declares that they have familiarised themselves with the Rules and Regulations of the Wrzosowka Grange Luxurious Vacation House and fully accepts its provisions.

24. All matters not defined by the stipulations of Rules and Regulations are subject to provisions of Polish law.