The Field of Grain Suite

Morning sunlight, resting in the shade of a tree, a gentle breeze on a summer day... While creating this special place, we were inspired by surrounding us nature.



Kitchen and Dining Room




A rural Idyll

€67 per person per night
breakfast included

Decorating style in this apartment is influenced by the hygge philosophy- time really flows slower here, so we can finally slow down as well and enjoy the beauty of everyday life. We made sure that our guests can feel at home here, and at the same time, they can take a break from their duties to relax in a rural idyll. Natural fabrics, warm colors, spacious interiors – every detail of the surroundings creates a unique whole, in which the body and soul can truly rest. It is a place where nature knocks on the door, crosses the threshold and accompanies us all day long!

Floor area
50 m2
Number of people
2 adults + 2 children or 3 adults
with access to satellite channels
Free of charge

Suite with a kitchen

Cozy interiors filled with light streaming through wooden windows are a perfect background for unforgettable moments spent with your loved ones. Bright furnishings, macrame, animal themed pillowcases, ceramics, wicker and linen – these details create a unique atmosphere that envelops our guests with a pleasant sense of peace and relaxation. There is even a place for the famous A. Durer reproduction – “The Hare”. A kitchenette with a refrigerator, a cooker and a traditional tiled stove adds a homely, cheerful character to the place.

History of the room

We wanted one of our apartments to reflect our love of art, so it was originally named after Nikifor’s artwork on the wall. We drew inspiration from Polish folklore and simple, cottage style. We decided to bring out even more warmth from the interior by adding scandinavian hygge influenced details. The spacious rooms have undergone a major metamorphosis and have been arranged with the use of natural fabrics and accessories that perfectly match the bright tiled stove.

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