Old Library Suite

Do you love books? We love them too, which is why we created a place inspired by the magical atmosphere of old libraries and antiquarian bookshops. Feel like a protagonist of a fascinating novel!


2 single beds

Living room

Fold-out sofa



In the Old Library

from 780 PLN per night
breakfast included

As Cicero would say “a home without books is like a body without a soul.” There is a lot of truth to it, as each book conceals a unique history enriching the room… and there are quite a lot of them in our Grange! Visiting Guests can rest assured that they, too, will experience lots of smaller and bigger, but always exciting adventures, the memories of which will travel with them back home. You are welcome to spend your time in this exceptional suite and write your own piece of its history!

Floor area
41 m2
Number of people
2 adults + 2 children or 3 adults
W cenie pokoju:
✤ Śniadanie
✤ W pełni wyposażona kuchnia
✤ Jacuzzi i sauna parowa 15.00-21.00
✤ Telewizor 31″ z dostępem do kanałów satelitarnych
✤ Ręczniki
✤ Suszarka
✤ Płyn do kąpieli i mydło
✤ Butelka z wodą
✤ Nieograniczone WIFI
Cena obejmuje też dostęp do części wspólnych:
✤ Bawialnia dla dzieci
✤ Plac zabaw dla dzieci
✤ Gry: cymbergaj, piłkarzyki, ruletka
✤ Biblioteka, filmoteka i miejsce do słuchania muzyki
✤ Salon z kominkiem
✤ Projektor / kino domowe
✤ PlayStation
✤ Pralka i suszarka bębnowa
✤ Dodatkowy Salon Kąpielowy
✤ Miejsce na ognisko
✤ Taras Grillowy
✤ Miniobserwatorium
✤ Kącik instrumentalny
✤ Szachy ogrodowe
✤ Zwierzyniec
✤ Piece kaflowe i kominki
✤ Oczko wodne
Dodatkowo płatne opcje:
✤ Możliwość domówienia obiadów
✤ Możliwość zamówienia zabiegów SPA
✤ Wędzarnia
✤ Kursy i Warsztaty
✤ Maleńka Manufaktura Słoikowo
✤ Eko farma i sad
✤ Warzywnik
✤ Staw z rybami
✤ Przyjazd ze zwierzętami

There’s no place like home

The apartment has a spacious living room with a sofa bed, a bedroom with two separate beds, and a charming bathroom. Wooden furniture, including a stylish dressing table with a large mirror, perfectly match the retro wallpaper and oriental accessories. Each element of the room contributes to its unique, full of creative atmosphere, character.

History of the room

We put our heart into making Wrzosowka Grange a place with character. This is why we have gone one step further and apart from a library rich in works from all around the world we have decided to create an exceptional book suite, where novels linger in the air in a magical way, just as the scent of the adventures awaiting you! In such surroundings only wonderful things can happen!

Pretty as a picture

Owing to elegant, dark-wood furniture, exquisite materials and charming accessories the interior of the room is cosy and tasteful. In order to provide you with comfort throughout your stay the room is equipped with all necessary amenities without sacrificing its spacious character. This way we offer you a perfect environment for wonderful moments shared with your family!

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