The room of Marie Antoinette

Beautiful furniture, exquisite materials and one-of-a-kind atmosphere make each night spent in our room an extraordinary experience.



Large Bathroom


In the room of Marie Antoinette

€55 per person per night
breakfast included

Thanks to all the amenities the room offers you a large dose of relaxation. The spacious interior is decorated with taste and class. In order to meet the expectations of every luxury enthusiast we have taken care of the minutest detail of our Guests’ experience. Starting from furniture and ending with extraordinary bed-linen, our suites are characterised by simplicity but still remain full of exquisite style and elegance. By spending a couple of days in our exclusive room you will relax in a truly royal way!

Floor area
35 m2
Number of people
2 adults + 1 child
with access to satellite channels
Free of charge

Royal space

A spacious bedroom and a large bathroom are perfectly suited to satisfy the needs of a family of three. A luxurious, white and blue, English-styled bathroom with a shower constitutes the essence of sophisticated elegance. In the bedroom the unique wooden furniture with appealing details in shades of green make the spirit of past eras almost palpable, while breakfast in the centrally located double bed tastes like nowhere else!

History of the room

The room was designed out of passion for timeless beauty and extravagance. By complementing the interior with historically styled items we have managed to create a remarkable climate, the memory of which stays with our Guests long after they have left the holiday home…

Style and comfort

The room of Marie Antoinette provides enough space for all Guests to feel ease and autonomy. It is therefore perfectly suited for both a family with a young child and a group of friends. Apart from its aesthetic values the room is practical and comfortable to use.

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