Spa Russian Banya

SPA Russian Banya is a large wooden house located over a pond with a panorama view of the entire Karkonosze Mountains. It offers, among others; a large bath tub with hydro massage for 7 people, dry sauna, steam bath, as well as area for leisure and feasting with tables groaning under the weight of food and spirits.
Russian Banya is also a perfect place to throw a unique and unforgettable bachelor, bachelorette, birthday or name day party.

Therapeutic Spa zone
Beauty treatments

This place has been created with leisure and relaxation in mind, specifically for people seeking unconventional experiences and looking to unwind in comfort of the highest level. It has emerged from love for the human being and is thus fully devoted to their needs. We offer the highest level of service and attention to detail which combined with the perfection of natural oils and cosmetics creates a perfect place for you to stop and release your senses.

For health
and beauty

Banya soothes your nerves and spirit. Body and mind is relaxed and purified


We make every effort to provide our Guests with the highest standard of leisure

View of the mountain panorama

Relax in hot steam with a fantastic view over the Karkonosze mountain range

SPA treatments
Hydro massage
Dry sauna
Steam bath
How to use Russian Banya
About Russian Banya

Banya stems from the Russian tradition. Nowadays, it is growing in popularity. In Poland banya is a wooden cabin with two chambers. One is a place for rest and relaxation after a heat session, often with a table brimming with food and spirits (the so-called forest spirit). The second chamber, parilka (steam room), is a room with benches and a stove heating the chamber.

  • Relieves fatigue
  • Improves circulation and respiration
  • Helps in revitalization
  • Facilitates weight loss
  • Detoxifies
  • Alleviates muscle and joint pain
  • Boosts your energy
  • Strengthens immunity and provides relaxation
SPA for everyone
SPA Russian Banya Menu

A place of exceptional relaxation dedicated to our most demanding guests. Here, we will soothe your soul and body.

from €35

30 min.

Land of body treatment rituals

An exceptional unit devoted to care and regeneration of the whole body. Created entirely to satisfy your needs. Affects all your senses.

from €89

110 min.


Physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment section. Offers comprehensive care of qualified physiotherapists.

from €10

approx. 20 min.

But is it in their nature?
Find out what Russian Banya has to offer
In good company
Bathtub with hydromassage

For many of us the best way to relax is to take a long warm bath with a glass of red wine in your hand. Why not do something for your health as well and immerse yourself in a bathtub with hydromassage? Hydromassage improves your lungs and circulation, eliminates cellulite, oxygenates skin and most of all relieves tension and boost mental well-being!

Regal majesty
Steam sauna

Steam sauna relaxes you entire body in a magical way. But that’s not its only virtue. Temperature from 40°C to 50°C and 100% air humidity constitute ideal conditions for boosting your cells which facilitates body detoxification. Additionally, short brakes between sauna sessions strengthen your immunity to infections and colds. All you have to do is immerse yourself in hot steam and your stress and fatigue will evaporate…

Steam room

More than thousands years ago people noticed the beneficial impact of hot steam on human body. Across centuries, saunas have been found in all corners of the world. They were used not only for body cleansing and treatment, but also served as meeting places. Today we tap into the heritage of these cultures to provide our Guests with relaxation based on traditional recipe in luxurious surroundings.

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Our Guests recommend
Miaa Ana Grzesiak
Lovely place, wonderful atmosphere, delicious food. The house has spacious rooms in hotel standard (****), game corner, library, home cinema, children’s corner. Lots of attractions: from quad trips to relaxation in SPA, which is located in a wooden house over a lake. Within a couple of days it’s impossible to fully enjoy the charm of this place, its details, the food, drinks and fantastic stories of people who created it. Absolutely worth recommending!
Magda Pisula
This place is sooooooo nice, intimate, with a real home atmosphere. I’ll be coming back!
Krysia Nieśmiała
If you’re looking for a remote place, far off the beaten track where there’s nothing to hide from or worry about…. then this magical place Wrzosowka Grange – Holiday Home will grant you all that!!!
Adam Fiącek
Apart from the very place being of mind-blowing beauty, the staff put a lot of heart in the most minute details, providing an atmosphere in perfect harmony with the decor. Top-notch user experience
Sławomir Jugo
A superb place for relaxation and leisure in the fresh air
Alicja Firszt
Wrzosowka Grange is a wonderful place far from the hustle and bustle of the city. For us, it’s worked perfectly as a convenient starting point for trail hikes as well as one-day tours in the region. The grange itself offers comfortable, hotel-standard conditions, preserving at the same time a home-like atmosphere of peace and privacy. With the number of attractions available we did not stay bored for a minute, even in poor weather – access to home cinema with a vast movie collection, the library!!!, computer and board games, the grill spot, rich children’s corner – there’s a little something for everyone. Not to mention the craze on quads and relaxation in the Russian Banya – PRICELESS. (…)
Daniel Kasperek
Cool place to spend a couple of days, worth recommending.
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