A room in an Old Chest

Do you adore the climate of old, long-forgotten places? Our room's design was inspired by the extraordinary world of hidden treasures!





A room in an Old Chest

€50 per person per night
breakfast included

The room in an Old Chest is a perfect spot for people appreciating minimalism in good taste. The rooms are dominated by bright colours broken by elements made of dark wood, which combined with a large amount of light coming in through wide windows create a remarkably cheerful climate. The bedroom is fitted with a beautiful, extremely comfortable double bed in which you always wake up well-rested and relaxed. Additionally, stylish accessories help create an unusual, one-of-a-kind atmosphere which will make us eager to experience as many adventures as possible during our stay in the Grange.

Floor area
25 m2
Number of people
2 adults + 1 child
with access to satellite channels
Free of charge

There’s no place like home

The room includes a stylishly decorated bathroom enticing us to immerse ourselves in hot streams of water. A huge wardrobe and a table designed in the style of an old vintage chest intrigue with their history and enrich the room with a note of mystery. In such surroundings we can expect a whole lot of surprises.

History of the room

The interior of the room has been created with the aim of encapsulating the very essence of beauty, i.e. sophisticated simplicity. White colour and accessories in the form of flowers and hearts enrich the rooms with a note of romanticism and are a dream background for charming moments spent together. Everything here has been designed for you to have a wonderful time…

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