Our playroom offers you a world of fun all in one place

In our Wrzosowka Grange we have prepared for our Guests a huge hall (300 m2) with a centrally located playroom offering many ways to spend your free time. Air hockey, table football, roulette and garden chess are a magnificent occasion to stimulate the competitive spirit, test your wits and agility but most of all to have great fun with your family and friends. We have wisely used every inch of space to leave no room for boredom.

Learn about the offer of our playroom!

Bet on a number, spin the wheel and feel like in a real Las Vegas casino! Our Playroom would not be complete without this exciting game!

In this popular game you use the striker to hit the puck and place it in your opponent’s goal, which is a slot in the rail surrounding the table.

A popular game stirring passion in all football fans without having to go out on the pitch.


Chess stimulates strategic and logical thinking. We propose an XXL version of the duel, so as to provide you with some exercise as well.